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LaFogata OC Burrito

Baja $10.99

Fresh vegetables, shredded lettuce, rice, beans, cheese and guacamole

Del Mar $12.99

Grilled chicken or steak, cheese, guacamole, and salsa fresca

California $12.99

Our rotisserie chicken with fresh vegetables, shredded lettuce, cheese, rice, and your choice of black or pinto beans

California Grande $13.99

Everything in the California Burrito with your choice of two meats (chicken, steak or fish), plus guacamole and sour cream

Corona $7.99

Cheese, black or pinto beans, rice, and lettuce

Wet Style adds $1.99

Any burrito covered with chipotle sauce or salsa verde and melted cheese

Taco plates

1 Taco, Rice & Beans $10.99

Your Choice: Chicken, Steak or Fish

2 Tacos, Rice & Beans 

Chicken $13.99Steak or Fish $14.99


Chicken 6.75

Fresh rotisserie chicken

Steak $6.75

Marinated lean charbroiled steak

Fish $6.75

Ahi grilled fresh for your order

Shrimp or Salmon $6.75

Fresh prepared. AWESOME!

Vegetarian $6.49

Fresh vegetables and guacamole


Vegetarian $10.49

Freshly prepared with guacamole and mozzarella cheese on flour tortillas

Cheese Quesadilla $9.49 

With Chicken, Steak or Fish add 3.99

Kids Quesadilla $7.99


Enchilada at LaFogata OC



Nachos Meat


Rice Bowls

Rice Bowl



Enchilada at LaFogata OC

Chicken Kabob $16.99

Fresh chicken breast grilled to perfection with grilled fresh vegetables on a skewer. Served with jasmine rice and black or pinto beans

Grilled Tiger Shrimp $19.99

Grilled to perfection and served with jasmine rice, fresh grilled mixed vegetables, black or pinto beans

Grilled Fresh Salmon Steak $22.99

Fresh salmon grilled to perfection and served on a bed of  jasmine rice and grilled fresh vegetables on a skewer

Kabob Combination $26.99

(Choice of two) Chicken, salmon or carne asada on a bed of  jasmine rice and freshly grilled vegetables on a skewer, black or pinto beans


Enchilada at LaFogata OC

Mexican $11.99

Fresh Romaine, mixed greens with daily made fresh pasta, topped with tomato, red onion, and pepperoncinis

Pasta Fiesta $11.99

Fresh pasta with tomato, red onions, pepperoncinis

Caesar $9.99

Romaine lettuce topped with tomato, red onion and pepperoncinis w/Chicken, Steak, or Fish add $3.99

Herb Crusted Salmon $16.99

Grilled fresh salmon served on a bed of greens with tomato, red onion, and pepperoncinis  w/ Shrimp add $2.00

Santa Fe Salad $11.99

Mixed lettuce, corn, black beans, rice, cilantro, tortilla with cheese, and fresh salsa

Del Mar Mediterranean $11.99

Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, Kalamata olives, feta cheese. 

Grilled Herb Chicken $14.99

Grilled fresh breast of herb chicken over a bed of mixed greens with tomato, red onions, and pepperoncinis

Rotisserie Chicken

1/4 Chicken Breast & Wing Meal


1/2 Chicken A La Carte


1/4 Chicken Thigh & Leg A La Carte


1/2 Chicken Meal


1/4 Chicken Thigh & Leg Meal


Whole Chicken A La Carte


Whole Chicken Meal


1/4 Chicken Breast & Wing A La Carte



Enchilada at LaFogata OC

Enchilada A La Carte


Cheese Enchilada Plate


Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos A La Carte


Chile Rellenos Plate



Fajitas Fish


Fajitas Chicken


Fajitas Steak



Grilled Salmon A La Carte


Grilled Chicken Breast & Veggies


Grilled Fresh Veggies





Taquitos A La Carte


Taquitos Plate



Side of Rice


Side of Black Beans


Side of Pinto Beans


Side of Guacamole (Small)


Side of Guacamole (Large)


Chips & Salsa


Side Pico (Large)


Side Salsa (Large)


Side Corn Tortilla


Side Flour Tortilla


Serrano Grilled (2)


Sour Cream (Large)


Sour Cream (Small)


Extra Dressing


Cheese (Small)




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